22 Ciało/Umysł - International Festival of Dance and Performance Art (6-8.10.2023)
22 Ciało/Umysł - International Festival of Dance and Performance Art (6-8.10.2023)

Ciało/Umysł is one of the oldest contemporary dance festivals in Poland, having existed since 1995. It consistently promotes independent, world art of dance with a special focus on intercultural dialogue, fostering empathy, mutual understanding and respect. It presents performances that break with standard creative solutions, dialogue with the heritage of this art form and provoke reflection. Each year, the festival’s program is expressed in a single thought.


The slogan of the 22nd Ciało/Umysł is EMBRACING.  That’s how Edyta Kozak, the artistic director of C/U, writes about it in the festival’s newspaper:

“Embracing (…) may appear to be subtle gestures, but their true significance takes form in the experience of dance.  An embrace is a process of metamorphosis, a steady journey, but also a process. It implies a relationship; it transcends a simple physical action. It is a reciprocal motion, an invitation to extend an opening gesture towards oneself and others. Any embrace needs to be tamed because it is a potent gesture, yet also elusive.  An embrace demands time, attention, dedication, preparedness, and bravery. It begins physically, with a movement of the arms or knees, but on a deeper level, it begins with a choice, a stirring of the heart, and from there, who knows what may unfold…”

You are welcome to join the experience.