Fotografia - portret artystki. Ujęcie z góry, widać całą sylwetkę. Kobieta o ciemnych włosach i oczach, ubrana na czarno siedzi na białym tle i patrzy w górę w kamerę.

Silvia Gribaudi (IT)

Silvia Gribaudi (1974)
A choreographer and performer, Silvia has been hailed as the Italian prophet of the liberated body.
In her artistic and research endeavors, she focuses on the social impact of the body and the relationship between the audience and the performers. Challenging stereotypes, she weaves her dance language with comic elements, embodying a unique blend of a naked body, humor, and empathy that define her signature style.
Her remarkable talent has earned her numerous accolades, including for “Graces,” which was recognized as the best Italian production of 2019. In 2021, she was honored with an award for lifetime achievement and her revolutionary contributions to the development of dance. In 2023 it will be her first performance at C/U.


Photo above: ©t-space studio Milano