DzikiStyl Company (PL)

DzikiStyl Company, i.e. Wioleta Fiuk (1985) and Patryk Gacki (1986)
Professional dancers and choreographers hailing from Gdańsk, they have spent years crafting their unique DzikiStyl dance theater.
Wioleta’s and Patryk’s distinctive technique unlocks the codes of contemporary dance to new avenues for exploration. Beyond the realm of dance theater, they showcase their talent in various domains, including drama theater, musicals, and television. They gained widespread recognition as winners of the Polish editions of popular TV programs “You Can Dance” and “Got To Dance.” Their artistic endeavors have led them to perform in drama theaters across Poland, with appearances as dancers in Warsaw’s Roma and the Musical Theater in Gdynia. In 2023 it will be their premiere performance as C/U artists.


Photo above: ©Michał Trojanowski