Pan Zaraz

Spektacle / 45 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

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godz. 17:00
Warsaw premiere
for viewers aged 12+
after talk with the artists in Polish (no translation) at 18:00
The play “Pan Zaraz” takes its inspiration from the character of Caliban, the anti-hero of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” In this performance, the creators engage in a dialogue not only with the original drama but also with various cultural texts. Their aim is to present a unique and contemporary characterization of “Calibanism.” Wioleta and Patryk have spent many years developing their original dance theater, the renowned Dzikistyl Company, which has garnered fame in Poland for its innovative technique. Their approach unlocks the codes of contemporary dance to new avenues for exploration.
In July 2023 “Pan Zaraz”  made it to the shortlist of the 30 best works of Polish Dance Platform 2024.


Choreography, performance: Wioleta Fiuk, Patryk Dariusz Gacki
Direction: Patryk Dariusz Gacki
Lights design: Patryk Dariusz Gacki
Lights technician: Filip Ejsmont
Visualizations: Laura Adel
Produced with financial support from the city of Gdansk as part of the Cultural Scholarship program.
Premiere: 30.05.2022
Photography above: ©Artur Cichuta


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