Wydarzenie specjalne / 300 min / Komuna Warszawa

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godz. 18:15

The festival family exists both ephemerally and continuously – in memory and as a result of inspiration and certain choices. On the last day of the festival, we invite you to get to know the other family members better and in a different way than a momentary meeting somewhere in the audience allows. Let’s get into Impresska – a whim of artistic psychoanalysis of the body/mind prepared especially for the 20th edition of the festival. Let’s spend the whole day together: from breakfast to the last moments before bedtime!

Helena Gołąb

Performative tour through Impress me! exhibition

Iwona Olszowska, TranSitIon 

Structural improvisation based on the Body-Mind Centering process

State of transition, change, reaction … resonating, interacting …
The sphere of duration and change
Following of the body and mind
Being in the space of waves, in their diversity, a journey into the mood, the ocean of space, the ionosphere …
trans – presence – vibration
To sit down before the journey
To immerse oneself…
reach more or less to the …

Krystyna Mazurówna

Special participation

Łukasz Wójcicki, the not-so-near future

Lecture-performative installa(c)tion 

The proposed action is an artistic mix of forms and languages ​​characteristic of the C/U festival formula, but, above all, it’s an event meant to draw attention to the phenomenon of the “professional field expansion” of people involved in dance/choreography who employ various means of expression from other performing arts. It also deals with the need for a private response to the question of how much I have to go beyond my dance and choreography to meet the increasingly multidisciplinary challenges of competitions, grants, and scholarships.

Eva Klimackova, Open Laboratory

Choreographic laboratory

Open Laboratory aims to process selected themes and issues from the last 20 years of the festival through “documentary exploration”. It is a review of the festival’s history from the point of view of today’s situation and current choreographic, social and political differences and proposals. The result of this search and exchange between the three performers can take the form of a score performance using, among others, research through movement, improvisational settings, discussions, notes, photos, and dialogue between performers.

Centrum w Ruchu (Center in Motion), Tomorrow Impresska

Choreographic interventions

Tomorrow is a joint project and a political manifesto of Centrum w Ruchu collective and the choreographer La Ribot. It gathers 10 female choreographers believing in the community of creation – meeting, exchange, support, artistic work, the value of which does not depend on institutional representation (the project did not receive the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage). We believe that despite the pandemic and the lack of financial support, we have the power to create a space for the presence and expression of the female body. We create thanks to a subsidy received or despite the lack of it.