Wydarzenie specjalne / 240 min / Komuna Warszawa

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godz. 09:00

The festival family exists both ephemerally and continuously – in memory and as a result of inspiration and certain choices. On the last day of the festival, we invite you to get to know the other family members better and in a different way than a momentary meeting somewhere in the audience allows. Let’s get into Impresska – a whim of artistic psychoanalysis of the body/mind prepared especially for the 20th edition of the festival. Let’s spend the whole day together: from breakfast to the last moments before bedtime!


Maja Miśta, Magdalena Gorbacz, Greeting dances

Mini workshops
We greet what’s new with a dance. We create an open space, free expression, and experiment. We take you on a musical journey where we explore the technosomatic experiences as well as the more subtle sensations coming from “stillness”. The first Greeting dances (Powitańce) were held at the 15th edition of the Ciało/Umysł Festival in 2016. Since then, they have been hosted at various festivals (including Tribalanga, Dzikie jest beautiful or Żubroffka), cyclically at Stół Powszechny cafe, at the Zimba Academy, and in the open air.

Witold Mrozek,

What’s regarded as “new” in dance already has a long history. The Ciało/Umysł Festival has constituted an important reference point in the performing arts of the last three decades. How has the reality around it changed? What have we paid attention to and what have we missed? And what would we like to see here tomorrow?

United Limbs in collaboration with Izabelaa Orzełowska Win.Dows_38

Win.Dows_38 is a set of fleeting impressions, images, and fantasies about the future, perhaps a very distant one. It is the world of four main characters, probably still humans. Built from their secrets, desires, and struggles, it balances life and its projection. Artistic research focuses on the corporeality of artists and the exploration of the topic of repetition, or rather (r)evolution through repetition. The starting point is the moment of splitting from the base of the successively growing layers of movement and their wide evolutionary potential.