GET-TOGETHER: aftertalk with the creators of “Underdogs”

Aftertalk / 30 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

Admission free
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godz. 20:30
Aftertalk with artists. A forum for exchanging thoughts, experiences and exploring creative territory.
Artists: Ann Nguyen + the performers
Host: Bogna Świątkowska
Language: English


Portrait of Bogna Świątkowska - a woman with fair culrly hair and glasses wearing a green jumper and pointing her finger upBOGNA ŚWIĄTKOWSKA /Initiator, Founder and President of the Bęc Zmiana Foundation, with which she has carried out dozens of projects devoted to public space, architecture and design, as well as competitions aimed at architects and designers of the young generation. Initiator and editor-in-chief of the magazine “Notes na 6 tygodni” ( Her work is of an interdisciplinary and popularising nature. The projects she creates are usually platforms that combine the knowledge of experts and professionals with the approach of curious amateurs and enthusiasts. / Photo:©Bogna Świątkowska


Top photo: ©Patrick Berger