GET-TOGETHER: aftertalk with the creator of “Graces” (video)

Aftertalk / 30 min / e-Scena

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godz. 12:00
A video recording of the aftertalk*


Artist: Silvia Gribaudi
Host: Aga Kozak
Language: English, no translation
*live AFTERTALK – at STUDIO teatrgaleria / 8.10.2023, 20h15


Fotografia portretowa Agi Kozak
AGA KOZAK – journalist (for years she worked for Gazeta Wyborcza and, podcaster (she co-hosts such podcasts as “Sharing is caring”, “Femitalk” and ” Intimate Podcast” and finally trainer, coach and lecturer.
Co-founder of the Circles Festival. She graduated in cultural studies, media studies and American studies. She studied at Krakow’s Jagiellonian University, Middlesex University in London and NYU in New York. As part of her various explorations, she also studied Lowen psychotherapy through the body, breath therapy and tantra.


Photos: Aga Kozak – ©Eliza Krakowska / Silvia Gribaudi – ©t-space studio Milano
Video: b’cause film productions