22. C/U
In 2023, we continue the accessibility project to the best of our financial capabilities. We dedicate October 7, 2023, specifically to individuals who are deaf, as PJM interpreters will be present at the C/U. Daniel Kotowski has once again agreed to be the Ambassador for the Deaf Audience at C/U.


Need for assistannce at 21st. C/U? Write at, so that we can properly welcome you, book the equipment and provide the right number of staff.
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The C/U Festival has always been attentive to diversity, freedom of creation and experience. So, quite naturally, we have adopted the direction towards sustainable development, focusing on the special needs of artists and festival audience. Step by step, we are building the accessibility of our event.
  • C/U 2022 means the accessibility to the spectacles from different parts of the world. This year, we invite the Polish audience to performances from, among others, Brazil and Portugal.
  • C/U 2022 means the festival’s accessibility for non-normative artists. The program includes a performance by Diana Niepce, a dancer and performer in a wheelchair.
  • C/U 2022 means the accessibility of events for people with hearing disabilities. Bearing in mind the needs and comfort of the deaf and hard of hearing, we are introducing Polish sign language translation and technologies that enhance sound transmission, i.e. high-tech subpacs and induction loops. These initiatives are supported by Daniel Kotowski – a visual artist and a deaf person – in cooperation with our partners who have an extensive experience in the field of accessibility: British Council (one of the leaders of the international project Europe Beyond Access) and the Culture Without Barriers Foundation.
  • C/U 2022 also means the accessibility to information. We have initiated minor changes and additions to our existing communication in social media. We have focused on contrasting images with alternative texts and clearer messages, developed a festival pre-guide in a simplified text and declarations of the accessibility to individual events.
  • C/U 2022 also means opening up to new environments. Anna Cygankiewicz, a spokeswoman for the Festival of Culture without Barriers, has joined our team. At the 21st C/U she deals with the audience development and social media, and supports us in the area of ​​accessibility.


Daniel Kotowski - z telefonem i białymi kryształami w ręku Meet DANIEL KOTOWSKI – a visual artist and performer, deaf person. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Participant of the PhD School at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. He used to collaborate with Zacheta – National Gallery of Art and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as well as Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok.
Daniel’s signed invitation for the Festival will be an integral part of the Festival trailers.

The subtitles in EN:
Ciało/Umysl – International Festival of the Art of Dance and Performing Arts – invites for accessible events with Polish Sign Language interpreting, induction loop and SubPacs. For more go to



A symbol of the events with Polish Sign Language translation available
A symbol of the events with an accessible induction loop, or hearing aid. It enables a hard-of-hearing person to receive clear and distinct sound through a telecoil fitted into almost every hearing aid.
icon depicting a dynamic person in a wheelchair
A symbol of the events accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility difficulties
At some events, there will be SubPac bone conduction devices available for Deaf audences to receive music and sound sensations. These are a type of backpack/vest along with headphones with a built-in converter that transforms sound waves into vibrations that can be felt on the body.  Click here for more about the devices. Our Ambassador, thanks to the efforts of the Brithish Council in Warsaw, went to a festival in Italy to test them. See him trying and talking about the experience  👉 Daniel testing SubPac.
Icon depitctin age recommendation 14+
Age recommendation – recommended for people older than 14 years old
Polish subtitles