TWO-DAY WORKSHOPS – Dreams and Unconsciousness

Sideshow / 1080 min / Komuna Warszawa

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Awaken the creative freedom that lies dormant in your dreams

Acclaimed contemporary dance artists invite you to a workshop that will appeal to both professionals from the world of dance and amateurs interested in exploring their own psyche and body. The workshop will show different ways to use the resources of the unconscious, which is a rich and fascinating source of our creative and vital powers. You will have a chance to look at our own sense of freedom, explore its inner limits and the possibilities of expanding its area by following the impulses present in dreams, memories, imaginings, fantasies, as well as in experiencing the world and other people. Through this work you will get a deeper sense and understanding of the connections between the body and psyche, and how to use these connections in the creative process. Participants will be introduced to the method of working with dreams and the unconscious, which the presenters have developed during several years of research practice. Join the workshop for an extraordinary journey into the depths of your body and mind.

A 2-DAY workshop in Polish language (11.10.2022/10.00-19.00 + 12.10.2022/10.00-19.00)

Leaders: Anna Godowska and Slawomir Krawczynski