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godz. 18:00
a part of a double bill
after-talk with the authors of both pieces in Polish (no translation) at 19:40
Warning: strobe effect used


In “Tens,” Marta Wołowiec explores the theme of the body as a generator, transmitter, and receiver of energy. Through her art, she seeks to discover the organic flow of physical sensations and vibrations. She is driven by the voice of her intuition and harmony between the body and mind. The title “Tens” refers to the method of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation utilized in pain therapy, signaling both tension and mindfulness, as well as the strength that arises from deep inhales and exhales, grounding oneself firmly on their feet.
In July 2023 “Tens”  made it to the shortlist of the 30 best works of Polish Dance Platform 2024.


Choreography, costumes: Marta Wołowiec
Performers: Marta Wołowiec, Wojciech Kiwer
Music: Wojciech Kiwer
Lights design: Marta Wołowiec
Lights engineer: Alan Parkosz
Premiere: 4.09.2020


Photography above: ©M.Zakrzewski


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