Spektacle / 45 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

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godz. 17:00
after the show: 18:00 – After Talk held in Polish (no translation), 18:30 – workshops for the audience


The starting point for the creation of the dance performance SPORT was the official decision to include Breaking (also known as Break Dance) in the 2024 Olympic program. The decision was met with extreme reception among dancers. Some see it as a material opportunity and new possibilities, others see it as a threat to dance art and artistry. The show will analyze the art of dance as one of the most demanding and physically universal movement disciplines, by placing dancers in the context of various sports disciplines. Scenes showing athletic dance and dance-oriented sport will be interspersed with reflections on the dark sides of sport and the disproportion between the earnings of athletes and dancers, ultimately posing a fundamental question: Is dance a sport?
Directed by: Patryk Gorzkiewicz
Choreography: Patryk Gorzkiewicz and dancers
Dance: Alicja Lis, Aneta Przepióra, Julia Sawicz, Magdalena Nowak, Maja Kowalska, Zuzanna Kozak, Zuzanna Rydz, Adam Chadyniak, Jakub Tomaszewski, Jędrzej Indebski, Miłosz Kołosowski, Szymon Chojnacki, Tytus Zgoła
Music: Patryk Gorzkiewicz
Producer: Patryk Gorzkiewicz and collage
Partner: Point Dance Studio
Premiere: 21.11.2023, Poznań, Poland



Photo above: ©Nikola Makowska