Let’s talk about Care | 200 Questions. Sound Installation

Sideshow / 20 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

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Let’s talk about Care | 200 Questions
Sound Installation
Brazilian artist Rubiane Maia prompts us to reflect on the notion of care. What do we envision when we talk about care? Despite the multitude of images that flood our imaginations, and a myriad of situations from our personal experiences that span from birth to death, this notion remains vast and ambivalent on both an individual and collective scale. Post-pandemic, discussing care is challenging without considering the impact of the contemporary lifestyle on society’s mental health, its current state, and the healing process. Similar to any question, its primary function is to elicit a verbal response, thought, movement, or echo. Consequently, it isn’t solely about searching for and discovering answers, but also about enhancing the capability to pose an increasing number of questions.
“200 Questions about Care” originated as a text, later morphing into a workshop, and is now set to become a sound installation. “200 Questions” lives, transforms, invites interaction, and propels movement. The list of questions keeps getting longer.

Concept and Text: Rubiane Maia
Original Voice (EN/PT): Rubiane Maia
Audio Recording (EN): Manuel Vason
Translation into Polish: Emilia Cholewicka
Polish Voice-over: Paulina Szczęsna
Acknowledgments: Project initially funded and supported by Chinasa Vivian Ezugha, former Co-director of the Live Art Development Agency (LADA), UK