LAUGHTER YOGA – workshop

Sideshow / 45 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

Admission free
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godz. 19:00
Language: Polish
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„A day without laughter is a day lost” – Charlie Chaplin
Your are born with the ability to use smile and laughter, but they also act as masks. We put them on voluntarily or out of necessity. With a smile we say thank you, we ask and we apologise. We laugh to express joy or carefreeness, but also embarrassment, horror or malice. Laughter can be a defence mechanism or a reaction to pain. Laughter and smiles are contagious and often difficult to control.
This workshop offers an experience of free and natural laughter that will engage the whole body and mind. Breathing, voice and movement practices and imagination exercises inspired by children’s play and improvisational theatre will release joy and energy. The method assumes that no impulse in the form of jokes or comedy is needed to laugh, just a decision.



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