eGET TOGETHER: Empathy, Choreography and Laughter – meeting with the author

Sideshow / 40 min / e-Scena

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godz. 12:00
Wideorecording of the meeting in  STUDIO teatrgaleria 12.10.2024, 17:00
Language: Polish
Translation: no
Host: Anna Sańczuk


What do empathy and comedy have in common? What does dance have to do with empathy? Why can laughter and dance save us?
We are creating a space to ask these and other questions to the author of the first academic work in Poland dedicated to comicism in 21st century stage dance. And how about asking her, how – in the context of her research on the relationship between the kinesthetic nature of perception of choreography, comicism and empathy – she perceived the performance shown at C/U the previous day?
Hanna Raszewska-Kursa, Empathy, Choreography and Laughter As Hope For Humanity. Comicism in the Art of Dance and Choreography in Poland in the 21st Century, Warsaw 2023, IS PAN Publishing House, series ” Doctoral Dissertations of IS PAN” edited by Joanna M. Sosnowska, vol. XXI edited by Iga Kruk-Żurawska.


Zdjęcie portretowe. Kobieta z ciemnymi kręconymi włosami, w okularach przeciwsłonecznych i białej marynarce stoi na tle fioletowej grafiki w kształcie koła.
ANNA SAŃCZUK – journalist, art historian, author of podcasts and programmes devoted to culture. Together with Maciej Ulewicz, she hosted the programme KULTURA DO KWADRATU (CULTURE SQUARED) on Polsat News and Polsat News 2. She cooperates with “Vogue Polska” magazine and cultural festivals, including Ciało/Umysł, Big Book Festival, Miedzianka Fest. She works for the Dowody na Istnienie publishing house and co-hosts the BNP PARIBAS TALKS – Culture literary podcast. / Photo: ©personal archive



Top Photo:  collage: ©Andrzej Stawiński – IS PAN (books) / ©Kasia Chmura (author)