Polish premiere / 60 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

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godz. 20:00
godz. 20:30
For viewers age 12+/contains nudity
After talk in English (no translation) available on eStage from 10.10.2023 
Hysteria and a melancholic fiesta in Marco da Silva Ferreira’s parade of curiosities! From the apparent calmness comes a revolution, from the beast comes a caress. “Bisonte” blurs the boundaries of gender, fusing tribal culture with the vibrancy of club culture and intertwining contemporary dance with folk, social, and hip-hop elements. The Portuguese choreographer, who has won the recognition of audiences worldwide, poses profound questions: Are we prepared to expose our intimacy and shatter the constraints of heteronormativity? How can we express our identity when we still know so little about ourselves?


Direction, choreography: Marco da Silva Ferreira
Performers: Duarte Valadares, Eríc Santos, Leo Ramos, João Reis Moreira, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Piny
Original cast: André Cabral
Assistant Artistic Director: Pietro Romani
Technical direction and light design: Wilma Moutinho
Light technician: Teresa Antunes
Sound design: Rui Lima, Sérgio Martins
Musical direction: Marco da Silva Ferreira, Rui Lima i Sérgio Martins
Sound technician: João Félix
Stage design: Fernando Ribeiro
Costumes: João Rôla, Marco da Silva Ferreira
Producers: Joana Costa Santos, Mafalda Bastos
Production: P-ulso, Pensamento Avulso, Associação de Artes Performativas
Distribution: Sarah De Ganck/Art Happens
Premiere: 11.01.2019
Photography above: ©José Caldeira


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