Premiere / 50 min / STUDIO teatrgaleria

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godz. 18:00
after-talk with the artists in English (no translation) at 19:00
The title of Rafał Dziemidok’s and Martin Clausen’s premiere, “Bestseller,” refers to the economic aspect of heritage. The performance is inspired by a book written by Rafał Dziemidok’s late father, a professor of philosophy. It raises questions about the material dimension of inheritance from our ancestors. How can this legacy enrich an individual’s dance practice? Can it act as both a boon and a burden, influencing one’s artistic autobiography?


Choreography, dance, costumes: Martin Clausen, Rafał Dziemidok
Guest star: Mirosław Zbrojewicz
Music: J.S. Bach
Light design: Ewa Garniec
Production: Materia Łódź
Co-production: Ciało/Umysł, Centre Français de Berlin
Premiere: 6.10.2023
Photography above: ©Marta Stępek


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