FREE THOUGHTS: Meet Maciej Kuźmiński Company (Every Minute Motherland), Olga Dukhovnaya (Swan Lake Solo) and Anna Steller (Reflexions)

Aftertalk / 30 min / e-Scena

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NOTE: This is the event that takes place live the previous day, i.e. after the artist’s performance presentation, and is published on the Ciało/Umysł You Tube channel the following day. The date above is the starting date for the recording to be available online.


As and online event – to be confirmed.
As a live event at the venue:
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AFTER TALKs on the e-Scene are the screenings of approx. half an hour-long post-show meetings with artists, that provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas between artists and audience members. Available on the Ciało/Umysł Festival’s YouTube channel the day after the live meetings. The cycle is a contiuation of Straight from Inside project iniciated in 2019.

A live meeting with the artists of Every Minute Motherland (Maciej Kuźmiński Company), Swan Lake Solo (Olga Dukhovnaya) and Reflections (Anna Steller) will take place the day before, on Oct.15th, 2022 at STUDIO theatrgaleria after the performance of Reflections (PL Odbicia)

Meeting in English. Polish sign language interpretation available.

Hosted by: Polina Bulat


Czarno-biała fotografia, a na niej młoda blondynka z grzywką patrzy prosto w obiektyw.

An independent editor, dance writer, curator and manager from Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2017 launched an online-magazine on ballet and dance Produced and curated the Balletristic Writing Course to develop a community of Ukrainian dance writers. Developed lecture series about ballet for adults and children. Worked as a PR-manager for independent dance and public education projects. Since February 2022 based in Europe, volunteering as a coordinator for Ukrainian dance community and collaborating with Maciej Kuźmiński Company as a creative producer.