Uteri Migrantes – PHOTOREPORT of 13.10.2022

Oct 15, 2022 · 1 min read
Title of the performance: Wandering Wombs. They wandered all the way to the premiere at the 21st Ciało/Umysł and told the story that was as funny as it was scary. There are still so many topics to be disenchanted that WOLNO which is a part of our slogan this year (FREEDOM/YOU'RE FREE which in Polish has a double meaning and SLOWLY is the other one), somehow strangely emphasises this slowness and struggle to disenchant taboo after taboo. The performance was followed by an After Talk with the participation of: Renata Piotrowska-Auffret, Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and Anna Charlotta Nordanstedt, i.e. author/choreographer/director/dancer and dancers/co-creators. Yes, yes, it was also about the terminology and roles that choreographers take on in dance and how these terms, nomen omen, wander to reflect the nature of the creative work put into the final result. There was also a special guest: a warm womb. However, she did not speak. She only spoke with her meaningful presence. The After Talk is available on our e-Scene (conversation in Polish with fragments in English, no subtitles): Conversation after "Uteri Migrantes" 13.10.2022. After Talk was hosted by Anna Sańczuk. Photographs: Marta Ankiersztejn.
After Talk:

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