Café Müller – PHOTOREPORT of 14.10.2022 part 1

Oct 15, 2022 · 1 min read
Dominik Więcek appeared at C/U in three roles: workshop leader of the 'Movement and Language' workshop, leader of one of the warm-ups for the everyone willing to participate, 'Free Dances', and author of the performance 'Café Müller'. It is safe to say that he stole the hearts of the audience by telling his story - about learning a language that could have been his first language, about the life he could have had if his mother had not returned to Poland from Germany, about his fascination with Pina Bausch, about the dependencies, parallels and discoveries that accompanied the creation of fan-fiction based on quotations from Pina Bausch's iconic work. We present Marta Ankiersztejn's beautiful photographs, bearing in mind, however, that in this case sound and words, which once caressed and once irritated the ears, played a major role. After Talk was conducted by Anna Sańczuk. We recorded it and invite you to watch it on e-Scene (conversation in Polish, no subtitles): After Talk "Café Müller" 14.10.2022.
After Talk:

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