Kopia Magda Jędra fot Jakub Wittchen

Magda Jędra

a dancer, performer, choreographer. She is a co-founder of the Good Girl Killer collective, the author of performances including “Europe. Investigation”, “Kingdom”, “What’s wrong with happiness”, “Le pas Jaques”, “Lotta and Gula”. She’s open to activities in various spaces and cooperation with amateurs of various performing arts. Her performative collages are the result of her low propensity to classify art. Jędra’s first assumption while working on a performance is to work in process and her most important motivation is to look for the specific and appropriate quality of movement to build a clear expression. She likes strong and unconventional solutions. Her most recent fascination are herbs, buds, and shoots – she keeps on trying to identify what grows around her. Jędra is an attentive consumer and she lives in Sopot.