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Ilona Trybuła

(born 1967) – a dancer, improviser, choreographer, and lecturer. Improvisation serves her as a framework of operations in the field of research, education, animation, and creativity. She works on the development of attentiveness and tuning signals in relations with stage partners, including improvising musicians, treating it as a way to move beyond a closed process into a sphere of discovery and experiments. She is a graduate of the National Ballet School in Gdańsk and Music Academy of Warsaw. An author of approximately 30 performances and projects including the Body Studio, Laboratory of Improvisation, International Festival of Dance Improvisation [SIC!], Melba Collective. She runs courses on physical training, body awareness, and improvisation at the Dance Department of the Music Academy in Katowice. She is a curator of a year-long project Sic! four seasons in CSW Zamek Ujazdowski. This is her first premiere at C/U Festival.