FREE WORDS: Second breath

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FREE WORDS is a series of essays in a ready-to-listen form. The authors read them in their mother tongues.

Izabela Szymczyk – psychologist, psychotherapist, who specialises in individual therapy (integrative approach), runs a support group for women experiencing violence.

From the perspective of her professional experience, Szymczyk shares in the essay her reflections after watching Anda, Diana by the Portuguese artist Diana Niecpce, who has had severe movement limitations since her accident. In recent years Niepce’s personal experiences have become the subject of her artistic explorations in the field of dance art. The 21st C/U will feature the Polish premiere of  Anda, Diana.

The whole essay in the form of a podcast read by the author in the original language (Polish) will be published on our e-Scene (i.e. on our FB fanpage and YT channel). In Polish it it will be also published in the festival magazine, which will be available in October at festival venues during the events. The whole text in English will be available here on our website after its premiere on the e-Scene.

Excerpt from the essay:

Deserving is often the keynote of my therapies. (Un)deserving happiness, health, things and – finally – love.

Valuation of the self, one`s biography, being placed on the success-failure continuum may condemn to a package without rights or to a deluxe version. Obviously knowing the rights does not guarantee their realization. The most common concern about executing one`s rights is the feeling that they would burden one too much or maybe even kill, so enduring becomes the ”sanctified”, yet still pathogenic regulation.