FREE WORDS: Cultural politics in Brazil: from academic dance to the periphery of the stage

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FREE WORDS is a series of essays in a ready-to-listen form. The authors read them in their mother tongues.

Prof. Maria Claudia Alves Guimarães, UNICAMP University, São Paulo, Brazil, is a specialist in the history and theory of contemporary (mainly Brazilian) dance.

In her essay Guimarães briefly outlines the history of dance in Brazil and its political context. Below –  excerpts from the essay. The whole essay in the form of a podcast read by the author in the original language (Portuguese), with Polish subtitles will be published on our e-Scene (i.e. on our FB fanpage and YT channel). In Polish it will be also published in the festival magazine, which will be available in October at festival venues during the events. The whole text in English will be available here on our website after its premiere on the e-Scene.

Excerpt from the essay:

When someone talks about Brazil, the image of the country is generally associated with carnival, samba dancing, bossa nova, dance, football, joy, as well as with a country that does not protect its Amazon rainforest, does not protect its indigenous people culture, and has an extreme social inequality. 

However, whatever one’s point of view, the truth is that we know very little about the territories that we are not familiar with, that have peripheral histories, and that remain in our imagination, as distant exotic places, far from our reality. Therefore, we will try to expose herein historically important moments of cultural policies that were implemented in the country, and that influenced the development of dance as well.

[the entire text in EN to come right here, after the premiere of the podcast on the e-Scene ]