What about becoming a volunteer?

Sep 13, 2022 · 1 min read
If you wish to be a part of the 21st C/U team, please fill in the form at THIS LINK. Plums and a smile from our wonderful volunteer, Dagmara, to grab you attention, not as a sign that our volunteer is a plum wo/man! There are a couple of other options. Recruitment closes on 30.09.2022.
What can you do at C/U as a volunteer?
  • help us get a flock of artists around - pick them up from the airport, show them the way here or there, sort something out - they'll speak languages, so if you know any of these languages: English, French, Ukrainian, Polish, Portuguese, there'll be a chance to use them,
  • help us with our website - if you can use Word Press (like to improve our English here, if you are a native speaker),
  • take things from one place to another, check tickets, pick something, pack something, call someone - yeah, let's be honest, that, too.
And if you have your own idea of yourself for the 21st C/U, let's talk.

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