Sep 14, 2022 · 1 min read
Looking for a voluntary work idea? Come and join us to co-create the 21st C/U. Enroll HERE before 1.10.2022.
In the photo - our wonderful volunteer Dagmara Rosiak (hi, Daga!). She is looking beautiful and happy with this tray, but don't think our volunteer is a plum person :-)  This year we have English/French/Portuguese/Ukrainian/Polish-speaking artists, so you can help us take care of them (and practice your language skills at the same time). If you can handle Word Press or take cool pictures or like to shoot video with your smartphone, we'll find something for you too. Besides, we always need someone to pick and pack things, show the way, make a phone call and so on. And if you have your own idea how to be a part of the 21st C/U - let's talk.
You're welcome!

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