It is happening in Warsaw

Oct 12, 2022 · 1 min read
The festival has started. The second day is behind us. On Monday, the workshop 'Movement and Language' took place with Dominik Więcek and Joanna Pędzisz. Participants learned how to pronounce German sounds that do not occur in Polish. They involved their whole body in learning to help themselves with gestures, movements and facial expressions. When they fell silent and kept only the movement they had previously worked out, a choreography was created.... The presenters shared with the participants the tools used to learn phonetics through movement and to create choreographic material inspired by sounds.
The two-day workshop 'Dreams and the unconscious' by Anna Godowska and Slawomir Krawczynski began on Tuesday. What's happening there? The workshop is a closed one. We only managed to have a look for a short while.

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