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Jun 12, 2018 · 1 min read
As a child Cláudia Dias was fascinated with Vasco Granja's TV show and the magical universes he would construct using plasticine, cardboard, or a single line. Thirty years later she evokes that world in her performance.    
Cláudia Dias (Portugal) – 'TUESDAY: ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR' STUDIO Teatrgaleria 24 July 2018, 7 pm 👉 Tickets: R – 30 zł, C – 20 zł + meeting with the artist, + opportunity to buy the book 'Tuesday' 👉TRAILER Together with Luca Bellezze, she tells the story of a boy's journey from Syria to Italy. Using a piece of string, she creates a live cartoon. At a time when division lines, borders, barriers, front lines, dramatic lines of refugees waiting to be identified, and hard lines of radical political and religious organisations are our everyday reality, the artists produce a line that unites and can hold the collapsing reality together. 'Tuesday' is the second piece in a seven-year series, 'Seven years seven pieces', which premiered in June 2017. The project has Dias devising a new piece every year. After seven years, each will become part of the series, which will be replayed every day for a whole week. „TUESDAY: ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR” Concept, text, directing: Cláudia Dias Performers: Cláudia Dias, Luca Bellezze Critical Eye – Seven Years Seven Pieces: Jorge Louraço Figueira Stage and lighting design: Thomas Walgrave Assistant: Karas Animations: Bruno Canas Production: Alkantara Coproduction : Maria Matos Teatro Municipal; Teatro Municipal do Porto Artistic residence : Teatro Municipal do Porto/Teatro do Campo Alegre; O Espaço do Tempo, Centro Cultural Juvenil de Santo Amaro – Casa Amarela Curator: Edyta Kozak Project produced in the framework of the PERFORMING EUROPE 2020 project, co-financed by EU Creative Europe - apap project and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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