Zdjęcie portretowe Simo Vassinena

Simo Vassinen (FI/DE)

Dancer, performer, writer, translator and body worker. In his works, Simo integrates the transcendence of dance and rave culture with psychoanalysis, dynamic meditation, body work, and futurology. Previously, he has explored emotions related to climate change and the Eurovision Song Contest. He often combines social studies and journalism with dance and physicality. As part of his investigations into the mental health of dancers, Simo collaborates with the work culture working group at the dance people association, ZTB Berlin During the panel, he will share his research and insights into the emotional and mental well-being of dancers in Berlin during the pandemic. He will further reflect on essential body practices during periods of isolation and discuss the vibrant evolution of dance culture.


Photo: ©Lea Kieffer HEIC