Fotografia czarno-biała. Przedstawia uśmiechniętego dojrzałego mężczyznę bez włosów.

Rafał Dziemidok (PL)

Rafał Dziemidok (1971)
 A Polish choreographer, performer, and writer, known for creating his own projects. Rafał works in theatre, opera, film and writes play scripts. Having studied dance and law in Poland, Hungary, and the USA, he has danced with esteemed companies such as Dada von Bzdülöw, the Gdańsk Dance Theater, and Hungary’s Compagnie Yvette Bozsik. Additionally, he is a co-creator of the artistic group Koncentrat. Rafał’s works have been showcased at the Polish Dance Platform and at the Aerowaves network selection (“Kra” in 2011) and other platforms. A resident of Berlin since 2012, his performances are characterized by a unique style infused with humor, erudition, and self-mockery. His works often incorporates autobiographical themes.
He has been regularly showcasing his works at C/U since 2001.