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Martyna Miller

Interdisciplinary artist, director and anthropologist, studied in Warsaw and Sarajevo, since 2022 doctor of fine arts.
Co-founder of the performative collective TYNA, author of the projects “Sexinsitu” and “Lack of Forest” – long-term art and research projects involving individuals or entire communities. Co-founder of the DOMIE project – an experiment at the intersection of art, architecture and social sciences in Poznan.
She moves in the space of memory and body to explore alternative modes of communication, possibilities of contemporary transgressions and archiving of knowledge. She is interested in processes of healing and the importance of relationships and collectivity in them.
She was a resident at TOKAS Tokyo Arts and Space Residency (2020) and Art Center Ongoing (2022) in Tokyo. Fellow of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2014-2015). Selected works: “Mimika fx”, “Ideal People”, “Communion. Reconstruction”, “Sexinsitu”, “Cowing”, “Dream of a Turtle”, “Lack of Forest”, “Intimacy of Waters”, “Memory Carp”. In 2016, she debuted her project “Ideal People” at the Cialo/Umysl Festival.