A portrait photo of Martin Clausen

Martin Clausen (D)

Martin Clausen (1973)
A German performer and director, Martin pursued cultural and theater studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He is also a teacher of the Alexander Technique. His artistic pursuits span across dance, theater, and performances tailored for children and teenagers. Martin shares his expertise as a teacher at several art schools in Germany. Over the years, he co-founded the teams TWO FISH (2000-2012) and Martin Clausen and Colleagues (2013-2019). Collaborating with various collectives, independent groups, and artists, his performances have been staged at both traditional theaters and unconventional spaces, such as flats, staircases, and buses.  He has been collaborating with Polish choreographer, Rafał Dziemidok, since 2019.
His first appearance  at C/U Festival took place in 2005 with the TWO FISH show “Christiane Müller is Moving,” staged at the Raster gallery in Warsaw.


Photo above: ©Louise Hanicque