Portret Grega Kozo. Mężczyzna ma brodę i wąsy, nie ma włosów.

Greg Kozo (FR)

Born 1975
Musician, producer, director, fascinated by movement.
He directs both music videos for other musicians and commercials – including those for prestigious fashion brands – which gives him the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and filming methods.
In November 2020, at the invitation of l’ADN media, he took part in the ADN Dance Living Lab project as director of registration for Rocio Berenguera’s ‘Polinise’ project. During this event, he met choreographer Anne Nguyen and together they directed ‘Upload’. Since then, Kozo and Nguyen have been co-creating artistic projects that combine dance and video techniques.
At the C/U Festival: for the first time in 2024



Photo above: ©Philippe Gramard