Zdjęcie portretowe Erin Sanchez

Erin Sanchez (UK)

Advocate, educator, and researcher specializing in the physical and mental health of dancers. Erin is the co-author of the book “Performance Psychology for Dancers” and conducts Empowering Dance© courses for teachers, as well as workshops for dance professionals and students. She is the Manager of UK’s National Institute of Dance Medicine & Science (NIDMS) and serves as the Manager of Health, Wellbeing, and Performance at One Dance UK, an organization comprised of British activists and experts in the dance sector. Active across various professional domains, she advocates for the development of psychological services founded on principles of positive support and strength development, and for the promotion of psychological education, the establishment of healthy working conditions, and training for this professional group. During the panel discussion, she will share her experiences in supporting dancers in their mental health, development, and career progression.
Photo: ©Dani Bower