Zdjęcie portretowe Emilii Cholewickiej.

Emilia Cholewicka, PhD (PL)

Cultural economist and cultural expert, currently serving as an Assistant Professor at SWPS University and a member of the Center for Research on the Creative Economy. Emilia is also a dancer and an alumna of the Roman Turczynowicz Ballet Arts General Secondary School. A recipient of scholarships from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Institute of Music and Dance (NIMiT), and the Dean of SWPS University, she has been involved in projects such as Estimating the Number of Artists, Creators and Performers in Poland and CICERONE (Horizon 2020). Her academic work is centered around the labor market for artists, women’s participation in the labor market, the interplay between economy, culture, and art, as well as dance studies, women’s and feminist studies.


Photo: ©Nikodem Szymański