Aug 29, 2020 · 1 minutes to read
Assuming that we all wish to live in a harmonious and happy world and simultaneously develop ourselves as a species, we ask dance artists about matters that can influence global awareness through body practice. What should we learn or teach others? What has the experience of  “lockdown” taught us? How to activate a body to realize that we can have an impact on reality through it? Which particular exercise/movement/practice we ought to propose to humanity? These questions are followed by the others – the most basic inquiries about the human condition in general. These issues acquire special meaning in times of constant change, crisis, or threat (be it a pandemic, climate, or social catastrophe) which the whole world is going through. And so are we. The project “21 dance lessons for the 21st century” is not only an invitation to an active participation in a debate on “our times”, but also an activation of power that lies within us and that leads to the change of “our times”. The inspiration for the project was provided by the book titled “21 lessons for the 21st century” by an Israeli historian and visionary Yuval Noah Harari in which he analyses phenomena that define the civilization of homo sapiens and influence its fate/the problems of the contemporary world.