Go! Go! Dance!

Sep 16, 2016 · 1 min read
Spend the night with us from 8th till the 9th of October in the Teatr Nowy, celebrating the end of the 15th edition of the Body/Mind Festival. Can you stimulate people's activity, share your abilities with all of us. Send your application on art@cialoumysl.pl (deadline: 22nd October) We will get back to you till the 27th of October.
Do you want to dance, show the piece of the spectacle, give a lecture? Would you like to start an interesting discussion and become the moderator of it, or maybe make people dance, share your passion? You have an hour, show yourself and your activity. During that time lead people to dance, stimulate them and make them move - make the spectator a part of your own idea. No holds barred! Send your application on art@cialoumysl.pl (deadline: 22th October). We will get back to you till the 27th of October. We will provide you: - a lot of fun - a space to work and move - the pass for the whole Body/Mind Festival - reimbursement for the travel expenses - a breakfast in the Teatr Nowy (after the Go! Go! Dance! night) The application must include: 1. Name, surname, age, contact details, experience 2. What is your idea for the performance 3. Why is it worth showing during the closing night of the Body/Mind Festival More details about the Go! Go! Dance Night!: http://2016.cialoumysl.pl/pl/editions/2016/date_events/14-go-go-dance

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